Mary, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church

Jesus is Mary’s only son, but her spiritual motherhood extends to all men whom indeed he came to save: “The Son whom she brought forth is he whom God placed as the first-born among many brethren, that is, the faithful in whose generation and formation she co-operates with a mother’s love.” LG 63; cf. Jn 19:26-27; Rom 8:29; Rev 12:17. Catechism of the Catholic Church


We, the people of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish,

brothers and sisters in Christ, accept as our mission:

                                 to know our faith,

                            to live by truth and love,

                        to serve the needs of others,

                              to teach by example,

and thereby we strengthen and  inspire our parish family.


Our Staff Members

Rev. Michael Kloton

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Raymond Eroh

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Janet Croshaw

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JoAnne Korol

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